2015 BAH Rates for Oahu see Large Increase!

The 2015 Military Basic Allowance (BAH) for Oahu (Honolulu County) have just been released. The Basic Allowance for Housing on Oahu saw a large increase for 2015. More than $300 a month in some ranks.

2015 Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) for Oahu (Honolulu County)

Buying a home while being stationed in the Military on Oahu is easier than you think.

Your VA benefit will give you a no down payment mortgage to buy a home. Your BAH will make the payments with tax free money. You then get a big tax benefit as a home owner that a renter never sees. Contact us today to get your started on your way to Home Ownership.

Contact Randy today at 808-384-5645 for more info about the 2015 BAH rates for Oahu or for any of your Oahu military real estate needs!


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