Oahu Residential Real Estate Sales Activity for November 2013

Single Family Homes sales volume is steady after the seasonal summer surge. Low inventory levels are continuing to put pressure on the market. We are still seeing prices begin to climb again in many areas. The lower price ranges are the most competitive.

Condos and townhouses sales volume has been consistent. We saw a little dip with the government shutdown and some of the furloughs impactings buyers. Now that they are behind us things have gotten steady again. –

See the complete Oahu sales activity report for November 2013 on Randy’s ActiveRain blog.

Randy on Olelo TV Discussing Chess in the Community

Among Randy’s many hats, he is President of the Hawaii Chess Federation, a 501(c)3. Recently, Randy appeared on local community TV station, Olelo, where he discussed chess in the community. See the full video on The Prothero Group site.

Randy Prothero on Olelo TV

Oahu Residential Real Estate Sales Activity for October 2013

Below is the Oahu real estate sales activity for the month of October 2013 compared to the previous month and the same month last year. This covers resale homes for Honolulu County (Oahu).

Single Family Homes sales volume appear to be cooling off slightly after the seasonal summer surge. Low inventory levels are continuing to put pressure on the market. We are still seeing pricing climbing in many areas. The lower price ranges are still highly competitive.

Condos and townhouses sales volume has been consistent, but we are seeing a slowing of the higher priced units. We are still seeing the lower price ranges staying quite competive for buyers trying to enter the market.

Single Family Home Resales

Month # Sales Median Price Average Price
Oct. 2013 290 $640,000 $772,860
Sep 2013 307 $675,000 $828,000
Oct 2012 282 $625,000 $813,421

Condos/ Townhouse Resales

Month # Sales Median Price Average Price
Oct. 2013 419 $325,000 $355,635
Sep 2013 420 $348,000 $397,798
Oct 2012 425 $325,000 $403,538


*Median price means half the prices were above and half below the given price.
Data was taken from the Honolulu Board of REALTORS® MLS system. It is deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed.

Client Success Story: Peter & Sandy of Waialua

Q:What was most memorable about working with Randy Prothero?
(Sandy): For me, was everything! Awesome!
(Peter): For me, I think it was Randy’s little insights. When we’d walk through the house or go someplace… besides the stats I could obviously read off the same sheet he was, he pointed out out positive things and negative things you couldn’t see on the sheet. As well as the logistical things — he was giving us the battle strategy for the house.

Q: What would you say to someone considering using Randy and the Prothero Group?
(Peter): I’d say this is the right guy. We nominated him for the “People’s Choice Awards” for the newspaper. I think because of not just his excellent service but his vast knowledge. I mean, the guy teaches the classes for the other Realtors! You want that guy!

Hawaii VA Home Mortgages Seminar on November 26th

Veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and national guard members (and spouses!): come and learn about your VA home mortgage benefits at this Free seminar on Tuesday 11/26 in Waipio Gentry.

For full details or to register visit VA808.com.

Mililani Condo

1 bed/ 1 bath

Mililani Town House

2 bed/ 1.5 bath

Mililani Single Family

4 bed/ 2 bath

Client Success Story: Bonnie of Mililani

Q: What’s it like to work with Randy Prothero?
A:Randy was the best agent I’ve ever worked with. This is the fourth house I’ve bought. I chose Randy based on a poster I saw over at the mall (“Not Just Another Pretty Face”) and I thought I guy like that, with a sense of humor like that… I want to meet him. So I called him, and I used him and I was so happy.

Q: How was Randy different than other real estate agents?
A: Randy took a lot more time on the house search. He probably took me on twenty go-sees, and he was always so available. I don’t think the guy sleeps. He was just so available to me, and he was so articulate. What I really liked about Randy is that he will teach – will educate you – along the way. It’s not a big mystery. I don’t know anything about real estate, but with Randy guiding me I felt like I was in on the whole business. He gave me detailed information on what we were doing. I understood every step process and I really like that in my real estate agent. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to be that informed about everything that’s going on. I think that Randy probably gets four hours of sleep a night.

Q: How was Randy at solving problems?
A: We didn’t have a lot of problems actually, but I have no doubt that Randy would logically think through the problem and give you your options and let you decide. He’s really mild, he’s gentle with you, he will give you the situation and let you choose. You always feel like you are in control and I really love that about him.

Q: Would you recommend Randy?
A: Absolutely, to anyone, and I do. I recommend him whenever I have somebody who wants to buy a house. Especially for Mililani, he seems to be an expert in the area. He’s been doing real estate since he was a young guy, and he teaches real estate. So, if there’s anyone that knows real estate, it’s Randy. He testifies, he teaches it… you can’t find a better resource or teacher when it comes to buying or selling real estate.

Randy L. Prothero Named Principal Broker for Island Style Realty Inc.

Waipio Gentry (Waipahu, HI) – May 10, 2013 – Randy Prothero and his sales team, “The Prothero Group” joined Island Style Realty Inc.yesterday. Randy has also taken on the role of Principal Broker for Island Style and will be an owner and president of the corporation.

See the complete press release here.