Client Success Story: Peter & Sandy of Waialua

Q:What was most memorable about working with Randy Prothero?
(Sandy): For me, was everything! Awesome!
(Peter): For me, I think it was Randy’s little insights. When we’d walk through the house or go someplace… besides the stats I could obviously read off the same sheet he was, he pointed out out positive things and negative things you couldn’t see on the sheet. As well as the logistical things — he was giving us the battle strategy for the house.

Q: What would you say to someone considering using Randy and the Prothero Group?
(Peter): I’d say this is the right guy. We nominated him for the “People’s Choice Awards” for the newspaper. I think because of not just his excellent service but his vast knowledge. I mean, the guy teaches the classes for the other Realtors! You want that guy!

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